Photoshoot with Jess Abidde and Ched53 Photography

Last year I was asked by talented photographer Aaron from Ched53 Photography to do make up on the beautiful model Jessica Abidde, and I was more than happy to do so! We were also joined by lovely hairstylist Kirby Blythe, who did an excellent job on Jess’s hair.

For the first look I created a slightly golden brown smokey eye and I kept the skin quite fresh and dewy. The lips were left natural so the emphasis was all on Jess’s eyes.

The make up for the second look was kept the same and all I did was tidy it up a little to keep it fresh. Kirby changed the hair and a new outfit was selected.

The third look was a lot stronger and I felt that I needed to add something to the make up to make it bolder. I added a bold metallic red lipstick that looked amazing on Jess’s full lips.


For the last two looks we decided to go very feminine and pretty – for this I did very natural and soft make up on Jess, and Kirby put her hair up in an elegant up-do.

For these pictures Aaron made a ‘bed’ covered in chocolate coloured satin for Jess to lie on, giving these photos a glamorous feel.

Final photographs from the shoot:

Photography: Ched53 Photography /

Model: Jessica Abidde /

Hair: Kirby Blythe /

Make up: Me /

Accessories: Creations by Liv Free /

Behind the scenes photographs taken by myself and Kirby.

Shooting the El Wood 2013 Calendar

Last year I had the pleasure of working with stunning model El Wood for her 2013 calendar. She wanted modern glam make up and hair to compliment the fresh styling by talented stylist Natasha Lyons and with the great photographer Chris Harris on board, we got some fantastic shots on the day.

For the first few looks I kept the skin looking dewy with barely-there foundation and did the signature ‘El’ look of a kitten flick eyeliner and coral lipstick. I finished the look with a small drawn on beauty spot to give the make up a vintage glam feel.


I took the beauty spot away for the next looks and changed the lipstick to a pretty magenta colour. For one look I even added a little cat nose and whiskers!


The last looks were darker and bolder so I gave El a ‘lived in’ smoky eye to keep the look modern and rock ‘n’ roll. I also changed her lipstick to dark pink/red colour to make the overall look quite vampish.


Photography by Chris Harris:

Model is El Wood:

Styling by Natasha Lyons:

Make up and hair by me:

Ice Queen Make Up & Hair for FaceON Magazine

I was lucky enough to be a part of the FaceOn Magazine Issue 5 Winter edition cover shoot a couple of years ago, for which I was asked to create a chilling frozen Ice Queen look for the front cover and a 'how to' guide within the magazine itself.

Snow queen make up and hair for FaceOn Magazine Issue 5 Winter edition. Photography by Dave Piper, Styling by Krishan Parmer, Make up and hair by me, Liv Free Make Up and Hair Artist.

Products used:

- Smashbox Photo finish foundation primer

- Kryolan ultrafoundation in 'TV White'

- Kryolan Aquacolor in 'Silver blue'

- Kryolan Aquacolor in 'White'

- Kryolan Aquacolor in 'Blue'

- MAC pigment in 'Frost'

- Benefit eye shadow in 'Like what you sea?'

- Ice FX fake ice crystals

- Duo false eyelash glue

- Assorted flat back Swarovski crystals

- White hairspray


How to guide:

1. To get your face ready for the application of make up; cleanse, tone, moisturise lightly and apply the primer to your face and neck. 

2. Apply your very pale Kryolan Ultrafoundation in ‘TV White’ to the skin, covering face, ears, neck, shoulders, arms and hands. As this product is a crème foundation, make sure that the application is light. For best results, use the MAC 187 duo fibre brush and apply the foundation to the face in small circular motions.

3. Wet your brush with a little water, and dip lightly into your MAC pigment in 'Frost'. Apply liberally around the eye area, up to the brow bone, and then down to hide any shadows under the eyes. Blend well into the foundation with a dry fluff brush.

4. Next take your Kryolan Aquacolor in 'white'. Wet your brush again and swirl your brush into the Aquacolor until you have a white paste on your brush.

Apply this over your eyebrows, and over your eyelashes. Let the product dry and reapply in order to get a strong colour. Still using the white Aquacolor, use another brush to line your waterline, underneath the bottom lashes and over the top lashes, to make the eyes stand out further.

5. After this, take your Aquacolor in 'silver blue', then wet and swirl your brush in the product as you did for the white. Take some of the silver blue on your brush and contour underneath the cheekbones. Blend it out with a dry brush.

With what is left of the product on your brush, shade ever so slightly around the hairline to make the make up look more three dimensional.

6. Use your Benefit eye shadow in 'Like what you sea?' to apply to the socket area of the eye and blend out. Take the eye shadow down and halfway underneath the eye, to create a 'v' shape around the corner of the eye.

7. Take your Aquacolor in 'silver blue' again and apply to the lips and then lightly over your eyebrows, so that they are not completely lost.

8. At this stage, you can start to apply the Ice FX crystals. Get your Duo glue, and apply to the areas where you want your crystals to be. Leave it for a minute so it will become slightly tacky, and then apply a mixture of small, medium and large crystals on top of the glue.

9. After you have finished putting the ice crystals on, you can start to apply the Swarovski. For this, use your Duo glue again and stick the crystals in a random fashion onto the face, ears, neck or wherever you wish.

10. Finish off your look by applying white and blue Aquacolor to the hands - keeping the blue for around the nails; and carefully spraying white hairspray into your hair to add to the frozen appearance.

Cover of FaceOn magazine Issue 5 Winter edition.

Cover of FaceOn magazine Issue 5 Winter edition.

Photography by Dave Piper,

Make up and hair by me, Liv Free Make up & Hair Artist,

Styling by Krishan Parmer,

Dress by Joe Challita